Team :: Team, means and control over the work

Team :: Team, means and control over the work

As regards its own infrastructure, GIZAKER Encuestas is divided, in favour of optimization, into the Operations and Study Centre or the physical basis of work of the field team, located at Industrialdea in Gojain (Araba). This Centre of Operations is subdivided into those of Calculus and Management.

Calculus Centre: 180 square metre office with premises fitted out for telephone polls, and equipped with a glass partition and internal webcam systems where telephone polls, the process, encoding and recording of data is carried out.

Management Centre: 120 square metre office with work places for coordination, design, field supervision and call centre.

GIZAKER Encuestas also has offices in Bizkaia and Guipúzcoa which are technologically fitted out and equipped for the purpose of conducting polls and managing field work. An SED-DHX call distributor is used in all offices and this is linked up to a switchboard that is in turn equipped with a state-of-the-art digital call sharing system.

Control over the work

We at GIZAKER Encuestas are also equipped with computer material and technical media which enable us to maintain the utmost control over work and the simultaneous recording of processed data which has been previously encoded, thus speeding up the delivery time of results – a high security system for transferring data. This system involving the simultaneous recording of telephone polls and validation by statistical exploitation enables initial recording errors when completing polls to be eliminated (interviewer errors) and errors during the poll recording phase to be eliminated (recorder errors).

Furthermore, the speed and capacity for resources of GIZAKER Encuestas means that we are able to adapt to any type of immediate need, whether human or technical.