Sustainability :: Caring for the environment

Sustainability :: Caring for the environment

GIZAKER Encuestas is fully committed to the environment, and although this company does not tend to obtain residue treatment as it does not generate any, it has made an effort to design and set up its own solar production plant for the self-supply of resources.

GIZAKER Encuestas has a 5.1 Kw/hour photovoltaic energy production plant entering the mains. This generates sufficient energy for the limited self-supply of its own energy.

GIZAKER Encuestas was the first company from the sector on a state level to possess a solar production plant. Solar energy is clean, cheap and long-lasting, and ensures a sustainable future. We cannot govern our environment as a possession which has been passed down to us, but rather as something to pass down to our children. In this way, we provide a tiny drop in the ocean as far as we are able in terms of the huge responsibility for caring for the most beautiful thing we possess – the environment.

paneles fotovoltaicos

GIZAKER Encuestas tries to respect nature and its surroundings at all levels by recycling paper and using recycled paper in internal documents. Toners are also returned to the manufacturer in order for them to be recycled, and any plastic compound deriving from its production is treated in accordance with recycling standards.

For further information, please consult your GIZAKER Encuestas agent about the “Opinion polls x Trees” project.