Company :: Tailor-made products for the customer

Company :: Tailor-made products for the customer

Since it was set up in 1991, GIZAKER Encuestas has been designing a range of specialist products jointly with the needs specified by its customers, focusing on productive methods which are contrastingly functional.

Opinion polls. With a view to sounding out public opinion regarding specific or chronic matters, GIZAKER Encuestas possesses the techniques capable of embodying all possible market demands.

Impact test. To analyze the degree of true impact of advertising campaigns or of an image projected by a trademark.

Ergonomics and job satisfaction. Ergonomics and job satisfaction tests reveal the weak points of a business organization so as to be able to operate accordingly.

Fraud test. A good method for measuring the level of fraud when using services, courses, repair services and assistance. The survey effectively detects the existence of errors and leaks which may be important on a business level.

Tailor-made product. GIZAKER Encuestas is a company which enables products to be personalized by producing a tailor-made design of any type of research into any area, always using techniques approved by audits.