Safety: Confidentiality and privacy

Safety:  Confidentiality and privacy

The experience gained by GIZAKER Encuestas in the field of social research is a guarantee of safety, confidentiality and privacy. This is certified by its registration in the Data Protection Registry (No. 2032580205).

GIZAKER Encuestas is a company that shows sensitivity regarding the confidentiality of all reports and work carried out, both in terms of data bases and statistical results.

Our respect for confidentiality regarding our customers means that that there are many different types of companies and institutions that place their trust in GIZAKER Encuestas for the purpose of carrying out their studies and research.

Safety measures

GIZAKER Encuestas adheres to the instructions laid down by Act 15/1999 dated 13th December governing the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature and similar ones as strictly as possible. Furthermore and owing to the characteristics of the studies carried out by GIZAKER Encuestas, we are equipped with important safety measures (restricted access to data, webcam control, volumetric alarms and double control of access to premises, etc.).