RI+D :: Development of our own technology (SED-DHS)

RI+D :: Development of our own technology (SED-DHS)

GIZAKER Encuestas has provided the market with a capacity for control which has been hitherto unheard of. The SED is the most spectacular invention in terms of telepolls.

Until GIZAKER Encuestas launched its patented listening product, quality control of opinion polls and even the supervision of such polls proved to be a material impossibility.

The Direct Listening System (SED-DHS) is an exclusive design patented by GIZAKER Encuestas – technology which guarantees control over field work, thus enabling the customer to exercise the most effective quality control possible; in other words, the customer themselves as remote control agent.

Monitoring of field work

Its functioning is simple and effective. At any time while the field work is being carried out, the customer may listen to all the lines that are in operation by listening ON LINE both to the interviewer and to the interviewee, thus ensuring not only that the test will be conducted appropriately but also that it will take place on the dates and at the times considered – this is without doubt a point of great interest to outside quality control departments.

The way of monitoring on the part of the customer via SED is as easy as dialling a telephone number provided by GIZAKER Encuestas, when a welcoming message will immediately be heard and then a password which we at GIZAKER Encuestas will have previously supplied will be requested. From this moment onwards, you may listen both to the interviewee and interviewer, conduct and respond to the poll being carried out and also skip a line and increase listening time, etc.

All this can be carried out from any place and using any telephone format, whether analogical or DTMF, ISDN or ADSL, etc.

SED is a recording device with its own patent via telecommunication design carried out by GIZAKER Encuestas together with ROBOTIKER, via the INTEK individual development plan which forms part of the prestigious Technology Network of the Basque Country.